This section offers writers and editors resources for their crafts and for running a business.

Here you’ll find recommendations on books to improve your skills, task lists to keep your business running smoothly, articles on writing and editing, and much more. Check back frequently as new content and sections are added!

**NEW** Digital Marketing Strategy Worksheet. Before you post a tweet or pay for a Facebook ad, make you sure have a solid marketing strategy behind you. This worksheet will get you started.

DIY Website and Social Media Dashboards. Gather all your website, blog, and social media data in one place. Identify patterns and opportunities to meet your business goals!

Web Editing Checklist. Download this free PDF checklist to ensure your writing is ready for the web!

Web Editing Resources. Raise the professionalism of your client’s website with web editing. Download this free PDF of resources for web editors.

E-books for Writers & Editors. These quick e-books will help you write better, edit better, work smarter, and publish more successfully. What are you waiting for? Jump in!

Business Tools. There are so many little details to running a business. What did you do yesterday? And what should you do today? Go to the Business Tools page and get all kinds of tips and goodies to run your business better.

Resources for the Marketing Editor. Become a marketing editor! In this section, you’ll find a glossary, a downloadable reference list, and information on further training.

Style Sheet. Download this free template to create a style sheet for your next project!

CMS and AP Stylebook Cheat Sheet. Do you have trouble remembering which style uses the Oxford comma? Download this file and find out!

Dictionaries. A dictionary is a writer’s and editor’s best tool. This page lists some of my favorites.

Usage Guides. Usage guides answer readers’ questions on whether a specific usage has changed, how accepted it is, and some common errors in usage.

Style Guides. Should you spell out ten or use numerals? Should you capitalize the first letter in all the words of a title? Your copyeditor can help apply an appropriate style consistently, but you’ll produce cleaner copy if you start with one of these guides.

Thesauruses. What’s another word for … ? If you’ve ever asked this question, you’ll want to check out some of these reference works.

What do you want to know more about? Email me your ideas!

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