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A book does not read like a newspaper article, even when they’re written by the same person. The reason for that is not just the author adjusting their voice, it’s also in the mostly invisible style decisions that make a manuscript.

Should you spell out ten or use numerals? Should you capitalize the first letter in all the words of a title? Your copyeditor can help apply an appropriate style consistently, but you’ll produce cleaner copy if you start with one of these manuals.

The Chicago Manual of Style
This weighty book is ideal for authors writing books or academic works.

AP Stylebook
Updated every year, the AP Stylebook is aimed at periodicals, particularly newspapers. It works well with most corporate communications (sometimes with a bit of Chicago mixed in).

The Yahoo! Style Guide
Although Yahoo is no longer updating its guide, it’s still a valuable resource for anyone writing for the web.

BuzzFeed Style Guide
From our favorite “listicle” site comes a free style guide that all BuzzFeed writers follow. If you’re looking for the last Internet-related word, you’ll likely find it here.

Discover even more style manuals and guides available online with this Delicious collection.

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