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Proofreading is the last review before a manuscript is published. It comes after all the editing stages and layout.

Right Touch Editing defines proofreading as:

  • correcting copy for typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage, and style.

It can also include: 

  • formatting, design, and typography issues, as directed by the client.

Some common issues we can correct for:

  • Typos
  • Grammar, usage, spelling, and style
  • Widows, orphans, and short lines
  • Rivers in text
  • Consistency in text formatting, such as capitalization in headers
  • Consistency in vertical list styling
  • Figures and photos 
  • Tables

Help me decide.

Schedule a discovery call with Erin to determine what your manuscript needs.

Right Touch Editing offers two types of proofreading.

Dead Copy vs. Live Copy Proofread

In this type of proofread, the proofreader compares the previous version of the manuscript with the current version. Previous versions may include markups and support files to check.

Editorial Proofread

In this type of proofread, the proofreader checks the latest version of the manuscript without a previous version to compare it to.

Software We Work In

We commonly perform a proofread in a variety of software:

  • MS Word
  • Google Docs
  • Acrobat (PDF) — most popular!
  • WordPress

Don’t see your software? Tell us what program your manuscript is in! We’re experienced in many other programs. 

You can also customize your proofread by combining it with copyediting.

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