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Completed Client Book Projects

My Daily Boot Journal by Andy "Caygeon" Junkin
"Our Farm's Business Meetings" by Andy "Caygeon" Junkin
Farming With Your Stubborn Family by
Andy "Caygeon" Junkin
Who Helps The Helpline, When The Helpline Needs Help by Kevin Bennett
Bob Dylan
Dont Lead Alone by Cleveland Justis, PHD, MBA and Daniel Student, MBA
Building Better  Teams by Tobias Gunther
O'reilly Building Micro-Frontends by Luca Mezzalira
Corporate Spine by Ardavan Aslie, MD
Win the Relationship not the Deal by Casey Jacox
Duxbury 2020 Our Pilgrim Story
It's not Just About The Donor by Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels
O'reilly Learning Serverless by Jason Katzer
Bulletproof Your Farm by Andy Junkin
Value Based Design
Revealed The Insider's Guide To Sap's Employment Brand.
How to Lose the LAST Damn 10 Pounds or 15, 20, 25... by Sharon Helbert
Sap Brand Insights
The Chronicles of Farro by M.D Privratsky
Silicon Simulacra by Len Ellis
Broken Buckets by Tamera Du Trieux
Successful E-Mail Marketing Strategies by Arthur Middleton Hughes and Arthur Sweetser