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“As a first-time author and independent publisher, I needed to find an editor who was not only highly skilled but also enjoyable to work with. Erin accomplished both beautifully! Her advice and recommendations were invaluable to the finished product, always keeping in mind my individual writing style and manner. As the book progressed I knew that my work was in good hands and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I encourage you to send in your sample chapter for her review and witness firsthand what a great editor she is.”

—Sharon Helbert, President, Alegcris Press

“I’ve been working with Erin for two years now and I am just delighted, yes delighted, with the quick responsiveness of her service and high quality editing skills. Erin’s abilities are a value add to our research!”

Kathy Hunter, Director, Knowledge Management, ITSMA

“It’s hard to know where to place a recommendation for Erin because she wears so many hats and I’ve had the joy of working with her in many capacities. She is an asset to the copy editing community as an advocate and a resource. I’ve worked with Erin as a co-presenter and co-organizer, and I’ve had many discussions with her on copy editing, freelancing and teaching. I have called on her when my plate was full, and I feel confident in her ability to tackle any problem.”

—Mark Allen, Mark Allen Editorial

“Editing is hard work. Editing is thankless work because editors make writers look better than they are but often make them feel worse. It takes tact, skill, understanding and a spoonful of compassion and she has those all in full measure. Erin is a wonderful editor.”

Jeffrey Eisenberg, FutureNow

“I collaborate with Erin informally on a idea-sharing group and always appreciate her thoughtful, encouraging insights about the editorial business. I attended a recent seminar she co-presented (with Jake Poinier) at the Society for Editing’s national conference in Providence, RI, in March 2019. Erin spoke about using data and feedback loops to make wise decisions about pricing in one’s editorial business. The talk was well organized and full of practical strategies that would apply in other businesses as well. I love listening to Erin. She delivers with such a calm, professional voice that helps us listeners concentrate on the content.”

—Patricia Boyd, Steel Pencil Editorial

“Erin is one of the most conscientious workers I know. She edits with a dedication to quality in readability, consistency, usage, and logic. She also keeps herself up to date on the latest technology and tools for her jobs so that she is always current. As a bonus, her cheery disposition makes her a favorite of authors and coworkers alike.”

Linda Divide, Fiserv