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Founded in 2005, Right Touch Editing offers businesses and indie authors just what they need for editorial services: highly skilled editing, decades of publishing expertise, and top-notch professionalism.

Businesses hire us to edit their publications and content marketing materials, such as email newsletters, blog posts, white papers, marketing research and analysis, e-books, websites, and more.

We understand that your materials need to please many stakeholders, and we can follow your directions to the letter. We’ll even create a style sheet to record all those requirements and keep your copy consistent with the rest of your brand.

Right Touch Editing works to keep your accounting department happy too, offering a range of pricing options, including:

  • By the hour
  • By the project
  • By the project piece (e.g., chapter, article, etc.)
  • By monthly retainer

Recommendations from current business clients can be supplied upon request.

Self-publishing authors hire Right Touch Editing for different reasons. Owner Erin Brenner holds a master’s degree in literature and works with other editors who are equally knowledgeable about literature and book publishing. There’s only one content owner in this relationship, and that’s you.

Schedule a free consultation with us and move your project forward!

We’ll work with you to help you determine:

  • The kind of editing your book needs. If your manuscript needs more structural work before the fine-tuning, we’ll tell you that.
  • How to publish your book. Writing your book is just the first step of publishing and selling your book. There are many more decisions and processes to go through before someone actually buys your book. Should you do print or electronic? What kind of cover would attract readers? Is typography really important? (Hint: yes!) Hire us to edit your book, coach you on the business of self-publishing, or to take any other publishing task off your shoulders.
  • How to market your book. Ideally your marketing should start while you’re still writing your book. If you haven’t started, though, don’t worry. We can help you develop a marketing plan and start executing that plan right away.

We offer similar flexible pricing structures to our self-publishing authors as we do to our corporate clients:

  • By the hour: For editing, coaching, or any other service you need
  • By the project piece: Pay by the service, as you go along
  • By the project: Determine the scope of the project at the beginning and we’ll offer one great price

No matter which pricing structure you choose, Right Touch Editing can break up the cost into convenient installments.

All of Right Touch Editing’s contractors have been vetted, and Erin has trained many of the editors herself.

Learn more. Schedule a free consultation with us today!

About the Owner

An award-winning copywriter, Erin Brenner has been a communications professional for two decades, providing high-quality work for clients since 2005. Before running her own company, she worked for ClickZ, IDC, and Epsilon, which gave her a deep understanding of marketers’ needs.

Erin shares her expertise in communications and business by speaking at industry conferences, such as those for ACES, Editors’ Association of Canada, and MagsBC. She also provides staff training in writing for private companies, such as Slipstream and Meister Consultants Group.

She is the former co-owner of Copyediting, a publications and training brand, where she was CEO and publisher. She is also a former instructor in the Copyediting certificate program at the University of California San Diego.

Erin is the author of The Chicago Guide for Freelance Editors: How to Take Care of Your Business, Your Clients, and Yourself from Start-Up to Sustainability, as well as Copyediting’s Grammar Tune-Up Workbook, 1001 Words for Success: Synonyms, Antonyms & Homonyms, and Quick Study Dictionary of Commonly Confused and Misspelled Words (with Steve Berner). She has written hundreds of articles and blog posts for, Visual Thesaurus, and others. Read more of her work on Right Touch Editing’s blog.

She is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, as well as a member of ACES: The Society for Editing.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Erin hiking with her family, knitting, or just lying around, reading a good book.

Download Erin’s resumé and writing portfolio to learn more. Follow Erin on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for writing tips and more.