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Coaching and Training

Owner Erin Brenner is a skilled trainer and coach. She’s given sessions at many conferences, including ACES, Editors’ Association of Canada, Editorial Freelancers Association, MagsBC, CIEP, and Northwest Editors’ Guild.

She has also given private and public training, ranging from two-hour to full-day sessions, helping professionals who write improve their skills and meet their writing goals.

And she’s worked with individuals to help them grow their freelance businesses.

Freelance Editor Coaching

Freelancing is a solo business, but you don’t have to do it alone!

Editor Business Coaching is designed to empower you to move forward with your freelance editing business. We’ll look at your challenges and make a plan for overcoming them.

Whether you want a little help or a lot, Erin will be your guide to a healthier, more satisfying business.

When you work with Erin, you’ll:

  • Spend time thinking about your business issue—instead of trying to avoid it
  • When you work with Erin, you’ll:
  • Spend time thinking about your business issue—instead of trying to avoid it
  • Identify the skills and knowledge you already have to apply to the issue
  • Get an outside perspective of your desires for your business and the challenges you’re facing
  • Create a plan, with specific tasks to move forward
  • Find the confidence to take your business where you want it to go

Freelance Editor Website Review

Is your website attracting enough prospective clients?

Your freelancing website is the hub of your editing business. It’s the place where you can dive deeply into the story of your business: what it is, who you are, what you stand for, and who you serve.

It’s where potential clients go to learn more about you and your service. When prospects see themselves reflected in your site, they feel more confident in hiring you.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your site reflect your brand and create a connection with site visitors?
  • Does it talk directly to your ideal client?
  • Does it fill them with confidence that you’re the right editor for them?

If you answered “no” or you’re not sure, it’s time to have your website reviewed!

Training and Speaking Topics

  • Persuasive writing. Copywriter. Salesperson. Marketer. Tech writer. Engineer. All of these roles involve writing persuasively for a business audience. Learn proven strategies for making your copy more persuasive.
  • Readability. Get writing tips to help you write in a way that’s accessible to your audience and create communications that resonate!
  • Self-editing. You don’t always have the time or budget to hire an editor. In this session, you’ll learn how to review your own writing with a critical eye. Includes editing checklists!
  • Persuasion wins!: Creating persuasive websites for your small business. In this session, attendees learn how to add persuasion to their websites to turn visitors into clients!
  • Boost Your Brand with Your First Blog. Blogging can be a great way to market your freelancing or small business, but it’s a lot of work. This session will get you started by walking you through a strategic plan for your blog. 
  • To Freelance or Not? Is freelance life for you? In this session, we’ll look at personal, financial, experiential, and mindset questions to help you determine whether to make the leap to freelancing.
  • No two editors: learn from live editing. A fun, interactive session that gets your team learning from each other with real-time editing.
  • Editing the web. Learn about web writing style and how to edit it. Live practice included!
  • Editing marketing copy. Want to work for marketing agencies or in a marketing department? In this session, you’ll learn what makes marketing copy work and edit several examples during the session.
  • Training editors. Learn what it means to teach other editors and how to get started.
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