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Writing Support for Business Book Authors

Is it time to write your business book?

Writing a book about your business expertise is a great way to gain a new audience and increase interest in your current audience.

As you push through your writing, though, it’s easy to lose your path and get lost among all the words.

Fortunately, we’ve got a map and compass–and we’re here to share it with you.

Color map with a silver and black magnetic compass on top; the compass points to north

Fill out our quick form, and we’ll get you back up and writing!

For the month of November, you can send us up to 5,000 words for a beta read. We’ll review your goal, look at what you have, and give you some direction on where to go next.

Or choose a one-hour coaching call with Erin. Share your goals and your obstacles. Tell us where you’re getting stuck. We’ll talk it through and by the end of the hour, help you find a way to move that obstacle.

Get either option for just $97.

We’ll help you map out your journey to a completed first draft!

We won’t abandon you at the end of the road, either. When you have a polished draft, ready for editing, contact us. You’ll get preferential scheduling and a free 1-hour coaching call to help you take your book from draft to published.

All for just $97.

Hurry, though! We have a limited number of spots and November goes quickly. At 12:01 am on December 1, 2020, this deal is done. Sign up now!

We’ve helped many business writers take their book from idea to published, including:

And we can help you too. Get the right support for your book from experts in business writing. Fill out our form to grab your spot and remove the obstacles from your writing experience.

Sign me up!

Ready to get your writing back on track and finish your manuscript? Fill out this quick form and we’ll get you scheduled!

The fine print

This offer is good until December 1, 2020. One offer per person. Only business-topic nonfiction will be considered. Limited spots available. Availability not guaranteed. Clients are required to complete all forms and provide all required information to receive either the beta read or coaching.

A beta read includes a review of up to 5,000 words of your manuscript and a one-page review of the manuscript.

Coaching call is up to 60 minutes and is confined to discussion of the current manuscript.

To receive the preferential scheduling and free coaching, you must book the edit of your manuscript and pay a deposit by December 31, 2021.