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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Want to learn something new about editing? Join Erin at one of her 2023 speaking engagements. Check back often for updates.


Copyediting for Readability

Join Erin on July 20th, at 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm EDT

Readability is the measure of how easy a text is to read. When important messages are edited for readability, we’re ensuring all readers can access them.

You can help readers get what they need from a text by editing it for readability. In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn more about what readability is, how to measure it, and what you can do as an editor to increase readability in nonfiction work—think user directions, websites, and important communications. We’ll look at text organization and layout, principles of plain language, and web-editing techniques. We’ll even do some live editing! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to be a reader’s best advocate.

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Is Becoming an Agency for You?, August 24, 4:30-6:00 pm, webinar, organization: EFA; Registration starts soon.

 CIEP Conference | Glasgow, Scotland

The conference will feature sessions on the skills and knowledge editorial professionals need to do their jobs effectively, including:

  • Live editing workshops
  • Chatbots and AI in editing
  • Sensitivity reading for children’s books
  • Copyediting dialogue in fiction
  • How to avoid double taxation on income from other countries
  • Lightning talks

Register for the 2023 CIEP hybrid conference which will be held at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Glasgow, and online on 9–11 September 2023.
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 CIEP Conference | Glasgow, Scotland

AI Chatbots in Editing: Debunking the Myth of Replacement

Join Erin at CIEP Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, September 9-11

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