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Editor Resources

Improve your craft! Run your business better! Download task lists and templates to keep your business running smoothly and ebooks on writing and editing. Get book recommendations and find out where to purchase Erin’s webinars.


Capitalizing Black and White

Different style guides have made different decisions on whether to cap these race terms. Find your favorite guide on this list! Last updated October 26, 2021.


Style Sheet

Download this free template to create a style sheet for your next project!


CMS and AP Stylebook Cheat Sheet

Do you have trouble remembering which style uses the Oxford comma? Find out!


10 Strategies for Growing Your Editing Business

You’ve successfully launched your editing business: you have a few clients, have a handle on business administration, and even market. How can you get to the next level? How can you grow your business to meet your income or other business goals? Learn effective strategies from a freelancing veteran.


Persuasion Wins!: Creating a Persuasive Website for Your Freelance Business

What should be on your editing business’s site? In this informative webinar recording, I show you how it’s less about what you say and more about how you say it. Learn how to persuade website visitors to become paying clients! Offered by Editors Canada.


Increase Your Profits Using Business Data

Where are the opportunities in your business to grow and increase your profits? With this webinar, you’ll look at three types of data that can help you evaluate the profit of different projects, target your marketing toward more responsive audiences, and identify which of your current clients deserve more love.


The Copyeditor’s Typographic Oath

Erin created the Copyeditor’s Typographic Oath to guide her and fellow editors in how to best balance the needs of the author, publisher, and reader. Download this image to keep copyeditors’ “10 commandments” top of mind! 


Web Editing Checklist

Download this free PDF checklist to ensure your writing is ready for the web!


Resources for the Marketing Editor

Become a marketing editor! In this section, you’ll find a glossary, a downloadable reference list, and information on further training.


New Freelancer’s Business Pack

There are so many little details to running a business. What did you do yesterday? And what should you do today? Get all kinds of tips and goodies to run your business better.


Website & Social Media Dashboards

What patterns can help you increase your business? Download this worksheet to gather your website, blog, and social media data and answer your strategy questions.


Digital Marketing Strategy Worksheet

Plan to increase your business. Download this worksheet to build a solid marketing strategy for your business.


5 Steps to Adding Persuasion to Your Website

What should your business website say and how should it look? But there’s one thing all business sites need and it doesn’t take a lot to add it: persuasion. Learn to add persuasion to your pro site in five easy steps!


Editor Training Offered by Editors

Looking for training or coaching given independently by fellow editors? Check out this Google Sheet!


Web Editing Resources

Raise the professionalism of your client’s website with web editing. Download this free PDF of resources for web editors.