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Resources is a new section on Right Touch Editing that offers writers and editors resources for their crafts and for running a business.

Here you’ll find recommendations on books to improve your skills, task lists to keep your business running smoothly, articles on writing and editing, and much more. Check back frequently as new content and sections are added!

Why Hire an Editor?

You’ve slaved over your copy, sweating every thought, every word. It’s like your child, ready to be sent out into the wide world.

But wait!

You’d ensure your child’s face is clean, his clothes are neat and tidy, and he’s fully prepared for the real world, wouldn’t you? Don’t let your copy go out any less ready.

First impressions are so important, especially in our harried culture. No one will take time to read your copy all the way through if it isn’t flawless. You won’t get a second chance to impress.

Ensure your copy has every advantage to get its message out. It’s your project. Get it edited your way.

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You wouldn’t do less for your child. Why do less for the words you gave life to?

Erin Brenner