Content Marketing: Bigger. Braver. Bolder.

Don’t follow trends with your content marketing; lead them! Notes from content marketing guru Ann Handley.

NEDMA16, Part 2: Email, SocMed, and Peanut Butter

More from Monday’s NEDMA conference. Check out this taste from the afternoon sessions.

NEDMA16, Part 1: Technology and Emotions

Yesterday, the New England Direct Marketing Association hosted its annual conference at Bentley University. The day was filled lessons and tips for marketers. Check out this taste from the morning sessions.

Garner’s Modern English Usage: A Modest Update, Unchanging Advice

My latest post over at Copyediting is a review of the new edition of a popular usage guide. It’s not my favorite guide, and I touch on why in the article:
Garner's Modern English Usage, 4th ed

Bryan Garner has a specific approach to language usage and Garner’s Modern English Usage, the fourth edition of his usage advice, teaches it to others.

I can’t fully endorse that approach, however. While Garner wants his recommendations to be “genuinely plausible,” recognizing the language “as it currently stands,” actual usage is at the bottom of his criteria and can easily be trumped by other criteria, not all of which are objective.

Should you buy the book? Read my review to find out!

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