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Quickbooks: National Tax Day Tax Prep TipsIt’s almost time to file those taxes, and QuickBooks has gathered advice from various professionals—including yours truly! Check out great tips at QuickBook’s Resource Center.

You can read my original article, “Freelance Tax Tip: Organize Your Business Expenses,” over at Copyediting.

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You’ve started your writing project, but it’s stalled out. Work has gotten busy, coaching your kid’s sports team takes most of your weekends, and house repairs? Well, let’s just say the leaky pipe gets your attention.

2015 Todoist result: 1,703 tasks completed

Let Right Touch Editing help you finish your writing project. Whether you need someone to copyedit your work so you can move it along the corporate gauntlet or someone to oversee the project and enforce deadlines, we can get your writing moving again.

How good are we at finishing projects? According to Todoist, owner Erin Brenner is in the top 10% of its users, recording, tracking, and, doggonit, finishing nearly 2,000 tasks in 2015.

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