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Whatever your business, you need the right tools to track it. Need to know which clients paid, and which didn’t? You need to track it. How many hours did you work on that client project? You need to track it. What deductions can you claim? You need to (say it with me) track it. Below are some of my favorite templates and resources for tracking my business.

**UPDATED** Client Distribution Worksheet. Based on categories develop by Sarah Grey for Copyediting, this worksheet helps you categorize your clients by value, enabling you to give proper attention to your best clients. Download the Client Distribution Worksheet template.

**UPDATED** Lead Tracking Template. To grow your business, you need to continually bring in new clients and projects. How well are you doing that? Find out with Right Touch Editing’s lead template for editors. Download the Lead Tracking Template today!

**UPDATED** Time Sheet Template. There are lots of tools out there for tracking the time you spend on your business. Sometimes, though, an Excel spreadsheet does the trick. Download the Time Sheet Template to track your time.

Strategies and Resources for Growing Your Editing Business. Created for a two-hour seminar on how to increase your income, this one-sheet lists the many options freelance editors have in expanding their businesses to earn more money.

Invoice Template. Create a simple template with all the necessary information that you can use for each project. Download the Invoice Template to get started.

Invoice Tracking Template. Don’t just send invoices. Record when they went out, who paid, and how much you owe the government. Download the Invoice Template and stay in the black.

Business Deduction Template. You could wait until April 14 to track down all your deductions. Or you could track them regularly using this template. Download the template now.

Business Task Lists. There are so many little details to running a business. What should you do today? Download this list and find out!

What Is a Mastermind Group? Find out how to start a mastermind group by downloading this one-sheet.

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  1. Joy Drohan says:

    Thanks, Erin, for these helpful tools and your thoughts on marketing from the Toronto SfEP meeting.

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