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Client: SAP

SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software. Its client goal is to streamline technology to help companies run faster and leaner. Its employer goal is to hire the best people and keep them. SAP currently employs over 70,000 people worldwide.

Project: Revealed: The Insider’s Guide to Sap’s Employment Brand

Bronze Award in the Collateral category, NEDMA

SAP has been enormously successful in creating and promoting its employer brand—so successful that it’s won dozens of awards. Revealed: The Insider’s Guide to Sap’s Employment Brand was created for LinkedIn’s 2016 Talent Connect conference to showcase how SAP developed its employer brand.

Project: SAP Brand Insights

Because the competition for tech employees is so fierce, SAP puts a lot of time into its employer brand in an effort to hire the best people and keep them. SAP Brand Insights was created for prospective employees to give them a taste of what working for SAP is like.

Client: My Success Rocket

My Success Rocket (MSR) provides online training to companies that utilize direct selling consultants. MSR wanted content that showcased its expertise in consultant training, particular using online games.

Project: “5 Tips to Successful Fast-Start Training

This quick blog post outlines the winning steps a consultant training program needs.

Client: Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus is an “interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words.” To encourage repeat visits, Visual Thesaurus publishes language-related articles. I wrote for the site as a regular contributor from 2010 to 2015. You can read all of my blog posts at Some reader favorites (based on on-site star ratings and number of comments) are:

Client: BarCharts

BarCharts publishes a series of laminated reference guides called Study Guides. The guides cover various topics, including English grammar and vocabulary.

Project: 1001 Terms for Success: Synonyms, Antonyms and Homophones

What’s a synonym for abstruse? What’s the opposite of callous? What’s the difference between canter and cantor? This study guide helps readers build a web of related words to enrich their vocabulary.

Project: Commonly Misspelled and Confused Words

This vocabulary guide lists words students and professionals frequently misspell or confuse with a similar word. The project included evaluating a previous edition, removing irrelevant words, and expanding the original list.

Project: 1001 Words for Success

This vocabulary guide helps readers enrich their vocabulary for academic and professional success. The project included creating an initial list of words and defining them briefly but clearly.

Page 1 of 1001 Words for Success: Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms

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Client: Copyediting

The Copyediting brand offered information and training for nearly three decades. I wrote blog posts, newsletter articles, and marketing and sales copy for the Copyediting brand from 2010 through 2018, first as a contractor and then as co-owner of the brand.

Project: Copyediting’s Grammar Tune-Up Workbook

This project turned a one-day workshop into a workbook editors could work through to improve their skills. I updated rules, added more rules and examples, and added quizzes. The book continues to be popular

Project: Organization Membership Marketing Packet

2018 Gold Award in the Collateral category, NEDMA

The goal of the membership packet was to give an interested editor everything needed to go to their boss about purchasing an organization membership from Copyediting. The membership included discounted editor training, a subscription to premium newsletter, and job listings on the job board, as well as free downloadable training. The packet consistent of a free print issue of the digital newsletter, a one-sheet, branded stickers, and business cards for training director, all in a branded, plastic folder.

Project: Copyediting blog

I wrote the Tip of the Week with a goal of sharing useful tips, lessons, or information for copyeditors. While the website has now been taken down by the new brand owners, some of my past blog posts have been republished on my own site:

Project: Copyediting newsletter

Part of my role at Copyediting was writing feature articles for the premium newsletter. The goal of the articles is to offer readers a deep dive into a topic related to editing, such as grammar, resources, and work skills. Below is a list of some of my articles:

  • “Constructing the Editing Road We Travel”
  • “Fake News and the Copyeditor”
  • “The Descriptivism–Prescriptivism War: Where Copyeditors Fall”
  • “WNW5: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”
  • “Identifying a Writer’s Style in Words and Sentences”

Read a sample article at my website:

Project: Marketing and sales copy

In addition to ad copy, I also wrote all promotional email copy. Sample copy can be found on my website:

Subject LineDescriptionDateOpen
Rate %
Copyediting Renewal Notice: Don’t Miss Your Next Issue!Current subscriber renewal email06/03/174410
Free conference for new members and renewals from Copyediting Weekly2017 Grammar Day offer #104/04/17304
Copyeditors Rely on Several Tools to Learn Their TradeEmail to survey respondents12/08/156329
Don’t Miss This Great Subscription Offer!Current subscriber renewal11/06/15449
Come Back to Copyediting and Get Two Audio Conferences!Lapsed subscriber renewal10/28/154510

Client: Meister Consultants Group

Meister Consultants Group helps “cities, towns and organizations understand their solar energy buying options and implement new solar strategies.”

Project: Polish Your Writing to Engage Readers and Clarify Your Message

Meister hired Pilcrow Group (corporate owner of the Copyediting brand, of which I was co-owner) to work with its writers to improve the quality of their writing. I taught the two-hour session for the group in November 2016. Polish Your Writing to Engage Readers and Clarify Your Message is the training manual I wrote for the session.

Client: Right Touch Editing [self]

Through my editing agency, Right Touch Editing, I offer writing, editing, and related publishing services. I’ve produced several ebooks to help educate my potential clients about publishing and editing in particular.

Project: Unraveling the Mysteries of Editors’ Titles

The short ebook educates writers on the different types of editing, from developmental through proofreading, and reveals why so many people with the title “editor” do so many different jobs.

Project: CMS and AP Style Guide Differences

This one-pager guides the reader through some frequently checked style points for The Chicago Manual of Style and The Associated Press Stylebook.

Project: Right Touch Editing Blog

On my blog I write about language, business, and freelancing. A few of my most-viewed posts:

Project: Wakelet articles

A tweet lives for only 20 minutes. Then the Twitter river moves on and the tweet is lost—unless it’s collected. As part of increasing my social media visibility and sharing information, I curate and publish social media collections as articles for events (on- and offline) that I attend using the Wakelet service. See my full collection at Popular examples include:

Project: SlideShare

As part of increasing my social media visibility and sharing information, I share slides from live sessions I’ve given, as well as some of my ebooks. See my full collection at Popular examples include:

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