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Why Hire a Freelance Copywriter

Small businesses know that professional sales and marketing copy can help increase their bottom line.

You know that copy specifically crafted for your target audience can make a difference in sales. 

Heck, you know how you respond to well-written marketing or sales copy.

But small businesses rarely have the budget for a staff copywriter.

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Freelance Copywriters Fill the Gap

It’s hard being a small business and doing aaallll the things. Even if you’re a pretty good writer, do you have the skills to write interesting copy that will capture your audience’s attention and nudge them toward a sale? Do you have time to do that writing for your business?

Most of us can’t fill out all the potential roles our businesses could have. We make do where we can—especially tasks that aren’t central to the product or service we offer. 

But copywriting is central. If your business can’t communicate why someone should choose you over a competitor, you’re missing out. You’re hurting your sales and inhibiting your business’s growth.

How do you move copywriting from the “make do” column to the “top priority” column?

You hire an agency like Right Touch Editing. 

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Right Touch Editing Can Help

We offer a suite of services designed to help small and growing businesses. Owner Erin Brenner will work with you to determine your needs and assign the right communications professional or team to get the work done. 

  • Hire us for small projects, like improving your website’s sales page.
  • Hire us for large projects, like creating a friendly user’s guide that your customers will actually value.
  • Hire us for ongoing projects, like drafting and sending your monthly email newsletter.

Whatever your needs, we can help you fulfill them.

Chat with owner Erin Brenner today about how we can help you tomorrow!