When One Door Closes …

Push button with change start on itFor the last three years, I’ve been running two businesses: this one and Pilcrow Group, which owned Copyediting, publisher of content and training for copyeditors. Before that, I was the editor-in-chief of Copyediting with its previous owners for five years.

Running two business has been fun, if challenging. I’ve been able to dig deeply into what it means to be an editor and how editors should be trained. But I’ve also been serving two audiences: my writing and editing clients and my fellow editors.

Now I’m ready to devote myself entirely to you, my clients. My partner and I are dissolving Pilcrow Group and have sold the Copyediting brand and its materials. You can read more about it at Copyediting.

What does this mean for Right Touch Editing? It means more available client slots. Expanding the Right Touch Editing team. Offering new services, such as corporate training. And expanding into creating training tools available for purchase.

In short, it means you can get more of what you need from Right Touch Editing.

Endings are never easy. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time writing for and training my fellow editors. I even wrote a grammar workbook!

Blue doors with gold handles opening and sunlight coming inBut it’s time to say hello to new adventures and new opportunities, and I can’t wait!

What can the Right Touch Editing team do for you? Tell me!

About Erin Brenner

Erin has been a publishing professional for two decades, launching Right Touch Editing. She and her team write and edit for business and communication professionals. In addition, Erin trains communications professionals through editing organizations and institutions and conferences and for private companies. She has won awards for copywriting from the New England Direct Marketing Association and is an Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders.
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