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How to Build a Team of Contractors

Ariel view of a team of business people around a meeting table.

Around a decade ago, I decided that I wanted to include contractors in my business. I was tired of turning away work whenever my schedule was packed, which seemed to be often. It’s taken both some time and a side path that required my attention for several years, but now the writing and editing services Right Touch Editing offers are done mostly by my team of contractors. This allows me to seek out and manage more projects, support some talented freelancers, and dedicate more time to speaking events and my writing.

Recently I sat down with Melanie Padgett Powers, host of the Deliberate Freelancer podcast, to chat about my shift from solo freelancer to team leader. We talked about how I got here, how I choose my team, and how I manage them. Have you considered expanding into an agency? Tune in to episode 146 to hear how I did it!

Deliberate Freelancer Podcast Episode 146: How to Build a Team of Contractors, with Erin Brenner


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