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Red Pencil Roundup: Taking a Leap and Improving Your Skills

Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith. When it comes to editing, the idea of expanding your freelancing jobs or kick starting the business you’ve been dreaming about can be daunting. You need to be in the right mindset. You need a plan. And in some cases, you need a little nudge to help you take that exciting next step! 

I recently attended the Northwest Editors Guild’s Red Pencil Conference, and several of the sessions touched on these topics. Below, you can enjoy my collections of live tweets from these sessions that cover launching your editorial business and jumping off the freelancing cliff. And if you’re just here to hone your copyediting skills, check out the thread on copyediting dialogue in fiction. 

Launch Your Editorial Business Now

In this thread, experienced freelance editor Katherine Pickett shares seven steps to starting your freelance editing career. These steps cover training, networking, finances, establishing an online presence, building your business and marketing yourself to connect with clients. Read my highlights. 

Jumping off the Freelance Editing Cliff

Amy J. Schneider of Featherschneider Editorial Services was the keynote speaker at this year’s Red Pencil Conference. During her presentation, Amy described how she broke a lot of “rules” for starting as a freelance editor and how she jumped off progressively higher cliffs and built her wings on the way down. Read my highlights. 

Copyediting Dialogue in Fiction

Tapping into her copyediting talents and experience, Amy also presented on copyediting dialogue in works of fiction. One of the most interesting takeaways of this discussion was her advice to focus less on grammar and more on developing the character’s personality. Read my highlights. 


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