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Tweets from ACES Evolve, Part 1: Tools and Tips for Editors

Recently, I utilized the power of social media via a live-tweeting session I held at ACES’ 2023 National Conference. Throughout the discussion, participants from the conference shared helpful information on editing tools, including updates to the AP Stylebook, interesting word etymologies, the new role of AI in the editing world, and techniques for editing fiction. 

Find more details in the discussions linked below, and stay tuned for part two of this series sharing the highlights from one of my favorite editors’ conferences! 

What’s New in AP Style, 2023 Edition – ACES Evolve

AP Stylebook editor Paula Froke and Product Manager Colleen Newvine walk us through some of the many updates rolling out to the AP StylebookRead my highlights.

From Couture to Clothing

Merriam-Webster‘s Peter Sokolowski looks at how French and Latin influenced English. Read my highlights.

The Editor and ChatGPT

Will ChatGPT replace editors? Can we learn to work with AI content? That Word Chat with Mark Allen aims to find out. From ACES Evolve 2023. Read my highlights.

Oops! Finding and Fixing Bloopers in Fiction – ACES Evolve 2023

Finally, Amy J. Schneider, owner of FeatherSchneider Editorial Services and author of The Chicago Guide to Copyediting Fiction, walks editors through some common errors in fiction. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll improve your editing! From ACES Evolve 2023. Read my highlights.

Next week, I’ll share tips that focus on your editing business model, your professional mindset, the importance of mastermind groups, and the value of retreats. 

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