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Tweets from ACES Evolve, Part 2: Focus on Freelance Editors

Last week, I shared some insight from recent live-tweeting sessions from ACES Evolve that involved professionals from many different sectors of editing and freelancing. This week, the highlighted topics focus on how to strengthen your freelance editing business. Below, you’ll find advice on the importance of maintaining a business mindset, utilizing mastermind groups, and expanding your editing business with a retreat. 

Act Like a Business – ACES Evolve

I joined mastermind buddies Amy J. Schneider, Laura Poole, and Lori Paximadis to chat about how freelancers can let go of acting like employees and embrace a business mindset to grow their freelance editing businesses. Thanks to Carolina VonKampen for her tweets. Read the highlights.

The Power of Masterminding

The Saplings Mastermind—Barbie Halaby, Nicole Wayland, Heather E. Saunders, and Alysha Love—talk about their mastermind group and how to create your own. They even have a form available to help you find others to mastermind with. From ACES Evolve 2023. Read my highlights.

Retreats: Build Your Business with a Getaway – ACES Evolve

Laura Poole, of Archer Editorial Training and Archer Editorial Services, shares the secrets to using retreat time to build your editing business. Read my highlights. And for more on retreats, read my article “The Value of Retreating Editors.

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