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Tips from Tweets: Building Your Small Business Brand

Small businesses often struggle to reach their target audience and turn them into customers. They need a brand that reflects who they are and the value they offer. They need a writing style that speaks directly and authentically to their desired customers. And they need an effective content marketing strategy to put these pieces into play. 

Several of the sessions I attended at the Small Business Expo in Boston this past April spoke to these needs. Below you’ll find my collections of live tweets on the importance of content writing, how to use text in combination with your current email and social media strategies, and how to craft an authentic brand voice. Read on!

5 Ways to Build an Authentic Brand (Even If You’re Small)

Even if your small business consists of just you, it still needs a brand—and that brand needs to reflect you. Laura Sauter of Agency Bel shares why an authentic brand is important and how to start building it. Read my highlights.

Content Writing for Small Businesses

As a small business, you likely don’t have a lot of time to do content marketing. But Victoria DeVita urges us to get into it to grow our businesses. One way you can approach content writing? Decide what you want to write about. You’re more likely to actually sit down to write that way. Read more of my highlights.

How to Own the Smartphone with Social Media, Email, and Text

Over 85% of people have a smartphone. How can small businesses better reach and engage their customers on this ever-present device? David Charest, director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, has some ideas. Read my session highlights to find out what you can do.

Running a small business but struggling to produce quality content marketing that reflects you and your brand? Right Touch Editing can help! We’ll partner with you to create a content marketing strategy, write your marketing copy, or polish your prose until it shines. Contact us today to learn more.


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