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Adapting to Online Teaching

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While many professionals are starting to adapt to their new work-at-home situations, students and teachers are finding their way forward with distance learning. But the goalposts keep changing. Two-week quarantines have extended to four and six weeks for the moment; meanwhile, experts are telling us we may not have seen the worst of COVID-19 yet.

One of my long-time editing clients, Collins Education Associates (CEA), offers professional development in teaching writing skills for teachers across the curriculum. It’s now put together a free set of resources for online learning for both teachers and parents.

My article, “Adapting Your In-Class Teaching to an Online Environment,” offers teachers some best practices for transitioning to distance learning. My best tip? Let done be good enough.

Other resources include math and writing webinars for teachers and tips for parents to guide their children in writing assignments–without become their editor.

One of the things I like about CEA is the wealth of free resource it has always offered, such as regular newsletters packed with teaching tips, downloadable writing paper with prompts, and lesson ideas sorted by grade.

Teachers are adapting lessons as quickly and as well as they can, and parents are pitching in to fill some of the gaps, but no one thinks this is the ideal way to teach children. We’re all doing our best with what we have. I’m proud to work with Collins Education Associates to help make teachers’ and parents’ jobs a little easier.

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